From the creator ofJDI Yield
DINOPARK is a deflationary passive-return token.Just hold $DINOP in your walletand you will see your coinsgoing up in number. Each transaction willautomatically distribute to all holders.
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EACH TRADETransaction
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3% tax to pay DINOPARK holders
2% tax used to create DINOP-BNB LP
2% tax to dev fund
1% of which goes into buying JDIs and burn them on a weekly basis
0.5% goes to Marketing
0.5% goes to Dev activities
Contract Information
Contract Address
Max $DINOP amount400,000,000
Total Liquidity Poolcoming soon
$DINOP MarketCapcoming soon
You can stake JDI to increase your
Egg profile exp.
The more JDI you stake,
the quicker you earn the exp
You can buy an Egg profile
with $DINOP
NFT Profile is your own unique
identity in using this site
Initially, there are 5 elements
This profile will be shown
on the
JDI Yield,too
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7% tax is a magic number for us
Since there will be many playful activities on the site as follows:
DINOBOT can be used in these activities:
Battle with other DINOBOT for $DINOP rewards or rare NFTs in various levels
Stake in a park for $DINOP rewards
Participate in partner platform for rewards
Trade on marketplace
Many more to come!
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Token Distribution
400,000,000 DINOPARKs max supply
300,000,000 DINOPARKs (75%) for Initial LP for Fair launch DINOPARK-BNB LP
40,000,000 (10%) airdrops all JDIs holders with more than 2,000 JDI at a pro rate
The more you hold JDI, the higher airdrop % you will get
40,000,000 (10%) Reserve for DINOPARK activities.E.g., Rewards for games
20,000,000 (5%) various other marketing activities
Limit to 800,000 DINOPARK per transaction (0.2%) to avoid whale dumping
JDI holders
Snapshot date for JDI holder airdrop is 2 days before launch
Distribution date will be linearly for 5 days after launch
LP Burn
LP will be exclusively created in the Apeswap
Initial LP will be burned after initialization and additional LP will
constantly be burned
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JDI Yield and JDI Token
Since this project is the sister of JDIYield, JDI Token will play important roles in this place, too.
Stake JDI or JDI LP at specific amount to farm for a bonus reward.
Some items can only be purchased with JDI.
DINO Park Profile will also be shown on the JDI Yield site
Many more to come!
How to buy
3 simple steps for holding DINOPARK
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Step 1
Go to Apeswap
DINOP is exclusively launched thereYou can buy $DINOP on 2021,May 23rd 03:00 GMT
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Step 2
Set slippage 8-11%
Set this, so you will not miss buying!
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Step 3
Buy $DINOP on apeswap
Enjoy seeing your DINOP grows!
Timeline for our DINO Park site
Day 0
Launch the DINOPARK site!
Day 7
Fairlaunch the DINOPARK Token
Allow Egg Profile purchasing
Integrate with partner for a game with $DINOP rewarding
Q3 2021
DINOBOT battle game
List on CoinMarketCap
List on CoinGecko
Allow JDI staking/or trading for NFT items on site
Q4 2021
Launch marketplace
User generated content to marketplace
Introduce more gamification game
DINOPARK is deflationary high-yield token for using in DINOPARK platform.
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